Virtual Reality: Changing Marketing and Brand Experience.


Virtual Reality is a great tool, yes. But what is the meaning of VR today? ..Cuando hablamos de Realidad Virtual nos referimos a los entornos de escenas u objetos con apariencia real producida mediante el uso de tecnologías digitales. Este recurso nos produce una sensación de inmersión dentro del entorno como observadores empleando distintos dispositivos como gafas o casco de realidad virtual.

When we talk about Virtual Reality, we mean scenes or objects with real appearance made by using digital technologies. This resource immerse us into the environment as viewers and users. Using VR glasses can boost the experience and make it unforgettable.

This leading-edge technology is growing faster than we think and it is accessible for many companies and brands, which understand how useful and and flexible this tool is.

Although Virtual Reality is not a new technology, the today´s context makes it possible for many users to profit from this tool at its full potential. Many companies and brands are already experimenting with this technology, which is taking the marketing world and the brand experiences to a whole new level.  

360º Virtual Tour VR

Virtual Reality is here to stay, no doubt about it and it is having a huge impact on architecture and design. It allows architects, developers and customers to experiment the environment and to make better decisions when designing, selling or buying a product.

This resource is based on Virtual Reality and focus on the interaction between the customer and the project. A virtual tour creates a great customer experience.

The main goal of Xline 3D´s 360° Tour is the detailed reproduction of real life experiences and to match it with the reality we see with our eyes.

This powerful tool immerses every client into the project and makes his experience through Virtual Reality unforgettable

What are the main features of Xline 3D´s 360° Tour?

  • Precision on details which highlight the individual characteristics of every product/project.
  • More perceptible interior design that allows the user to experience the project from home.  
  • 360° experiences where the user gets to see 100%of the project.
  • VR technology specially developed for the Real Estate industry.

Tool for experiential marketing

The 360° interactive renderings gives the user the possibility to move inside the room, to move the camera around, to zoom in or out, or to change to different points of the room. All these features make this technology a fundamental tool for the Real Estate sector.

Additionally, its the perfect instrument to make the user feel the room and for interactive tours. It includes the possibility to adapt it for VR lenses, which makes the experience even more unforgettable

According to different analysis about digital marketing, 360° tours, renderings and virtual tours are the most visited sections of any website because of the great visual attraction and high level of interactivity.

The goal of having a virtual tour in a website is to increase the amount of time the user spends on it and therefore the client’s interest for the project. In order to achieve this goal, we shouldn’t´t focus on simple 360° renderings, but to do it with professionalism and best quality.

Interactive 360° Tour

See it yourself

Our editorial team and production team think this is the best moment to start moving to interactive marketing tools. Why? Besides the above mentioned reasons, this tools give us the possibility to be literally everywhere we want. Maybe these are the resources you need to take your projects to the next level.

In conclusion, if you want to keep your business a step ahead, make an impact on your customers and provide a superior service it’s time to start using Virtual Reality.