Project One 88


The One88 project entered our study in 2016. A great challenge for our team. Designed by the internationally renowned team of Bosa Development, Amanat Architect and Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA). A very demanding and perfectionist client at the time of selecting the final pieces of communication. It had different department designs, expressed in their morphologies and interior design, which required careful work on every detail to achieve the desired sophisticated style.

This project was one of the most important we had within the Xline studio. Approximately a year and a half went by and numerous corrections were made, with freedom of artistic direction. Our team, made up of 10 members from different areas, finally managed to reach the final result desired and expected, not only by the client but also by us.

From the beginning we felt a great responsibility to know and admire the international and recognized studio of Architect Amanat.

On halfway, we went through a process of structural changes of the project, due to its local restrictions being the product of rectifications in its carpentry and some plant elements of the environment, which forced us to modify various configurations in production and postproduction, returning practically to the beginning of the process.

How do we approach the high visual and communicative standards of this project?

For more than 15 years, Xline 3D has specialized in the creation of sales solutions for real estate. Our objective was to work together with the One88 team, providing them with the necessary tools for the commercialization of the project. We were able to achieve a more personal approach for interested parties to this condominium, to the spaces offered by One88.

We covered every point, from the interpretation of the artistic and conceptual guidelines, through all the processes of production and postproduction of images and cinematographic animations, to culminate in a global solution of communication and interaction 1 to 1 of the client with the project.

In our studio, we were faced with the challenge of matching each edge of the original artistic concept, for which we had to elaborate each piece paying close attention to the details, contrasts and atmospheres that we were finally going to present to our client. We directed our efforts to configure an interactive virtual architecture, which leaves the clients immersed in a truly memorable virtual reality experience. We use this marketing and communication tool, the most innovative in the real estate industry, which today favors and accelerates sales processes through an impacting connection with users. 

In this way we joined not only to the generated idea that considers the aspects of sophistication, diaphanous environments and integration of the building with its immediate environment, but to its commercial purpose, generating a long term relationship through an unforgettable experience.

We strengthened the desire to purchase one of these apartments through our interactive 360º image system, whose main objective is to visualize details and spaces realistically. We show the design and interior architecture and the viewer explores the project from the comfort of his own home.

These 360° tours become the most visited sections of any website, due to the magnificent visual attractiveness and advanced level of interactivity.
To crown this magnificent project, we made a virtual tour through an animation where you can see the final project.